The Need for Criminal Justice Attorneys

By September 1, 2016 No Comments

Criminal defense is a highly important aspect of America’s legal system for those who have been charged with crimes, ranging from anything like a DUI to assault or grand theft auto. Without proper criminal defense, it’s impossible for an individual accused of a crime to properly defend oneself in front of a judge and jury.

Criminal defense is so important that it was even incorporated in the Sixth Amendment of the United State Constitution. The Sixth Amendment guarantees anyone in America the right, “To have assistance of counsel for his defense.”

Even if a person is guilty of the crime they committed, it’s important from a moral perspective that the individual have the best possible representation in court. Only then will they receive the fair and impartial trial to which they are entitled under the Constitution.

Two of America’s most revered presidents (John Adams and Abraham Lincoln) were criminal defense attorneys at some point in their lives. John Adams is on record saying that he considered one of his greatest services to America to be his defense of British soldiers wrongly accused of murdering colonists during the Boston Massacre.

While it may seem odd that some lawyers would choose to represent those accused of serious crimes, their job is important to ensure justice is levied as best as possible. If you want more information, or feel you need criminal defense in [city], [state], call [doctor_name] today at [practice_name].