Welcome to Pawelek Law, PLLC where our experienced and respected criminal defense attorney will fight to protect his clients’ constitutional rights. Dennis Pawelek is a very experienced criminal defense lawyer and has handled over 1,000 felony cases as a public defender and litigation attorney. Felonies are serious offenses and carry heavy terms. With his experience, Dennis Pawelek knows the system and can often have felony charges reduced to misdemeanors and avoid prison sentences. Furthermore, he has family members who have gone through the criminal justice system, so he is sympathetic to his clients’ needs and truly cares about his cases.

Mr. Dennis Pawelek has helped many clients by working as a criminal defense lawyer in Provo, Utah, and the surrounding areas of Utah County and Salt Lake County, Utah. Mr. Dennis Pawelek knows how the judges here rule, how particular prosecutors handle cases, and how the intricacies of the justice system can affect your case. He has successfully reduced penalties, had cases dismissed, and has obtained less serious rulings when prison was recommended by taking the time to look into his client’s case and developing a powerful defense. Call our law firm today if you want to receive aid from our skilled, experienced criminal defense attorney.