An Experienced Lawyer Can Help with the Child Welfare Reunification Process

When the State of Utah’s Division of Child and Family Services is often called into domestic situations where a child has been deemed at risk for undue harm, neglect, or failure of care. This might also be in conjunction with one, or both of the parents, being charged with a crime, or a child being… Read more »

A Professional Defense Attorney Can Help Defend a Variety of Charges

When you are accused of a crime in the State of Utah the legal system allows you access to a public defender. These individuals have received sufficient legal training to advise you in a variety of cases, and all of them have passed the Utah State Bar to be certified to work in the legal… Read more »

It’s Important to Disclose All Pertinent Information to Your Defense Attorney

Criminal defense can take many forms depending on the severity of the charge and any extenuating circumstances. Here at Pawelek Law PLLC our professional defense attorney Dennis Pawelek and his associates have years of experience defending clients throughout Utah’s Wasatch Front. Dennis Pawelek scope of service includes charges related to assault, drug crimes, DUI (Driving… Read more »

A Charge of Assault Against a School Employee Can Carry Significant Consequences

The adolescent years can be a trying time in your son or daughter’s life. Sometimes simple emotional responses can lead to poor choices or misunderstandings between your child and school staff. If a situation draws the attention of law enforcement and your child is charged with assault against a school employee or causing criminal damage… Read more »

A Counterfeiting or Forgery Charge Might be Assessed as a Felony

Modern-day image and printing technology continues to evolve every single year. This can sometimes prove to be a powerful temptation for some individuals with significant financial needs or who have become entangled in distressed business ventures. If this tempts you to attempt to print a counterfeit or forged document and you are caught by the… Read more »

An Appeal Might Be Able to Overturn a Conviction or Reduce a Sentence

Being charged and convicted of a crime in the state of Utah can carry with it some heavy fines, sentencing, and post-incarceration limitations. Being convicted of a crime you didn’t commit or being assessed a charge more exorbitant than originally perceived can do more than simply rob you of your liberty. In some of these… Read more »

A Retail Theft Charge Can Carry Stiff Penalties

In the State of Utah, a retail theft or shoplifting charge might seem minor. However, without effective legal representation, you could be subject to stiff fines as well as suffering a negative impact to your personal reputation. First of all it’s worth noting that in the State of Utah you can be charged with retail… Read more »

A Domestic Violence Conviction Can Complicate the Legal Ending of a Relationship

The dissolution of a marriage or the end of a long-term relationship can be a complicated, stressful, and emotional time in your life. This is especially true if you and your former partner are continuing to cohabitate during the divorce negotiations or you are still in the process of completing a successful legal separation, or… Read more »

An Accused Person May Need to Post Bail to Secure Their Release

Criminal charges involving assault, drug crimes, DUI, sex crimes, and theft, as well as violent and white collar crimes can all come in varying degrees. With some lesser charges, a judge may release the accused on their own recognizance. More severe charges require the accused to post bail before they can secure their release from… Read more »

An Armed Robbery Charge Might Be Reduced to a Misdemeanor

In the state of Utah, theft crimes can vary in severity and might be charged as a misdemeanor or as a felony. Theft is typically defined as depriving another person, business or institution of their money or property without their permission. Petty theft is rarely applied as a felony or it can plea bargained down… Read more »