If You’re Accused of a Sex Crime You Need a Strong Defense

By August 24, 2016 No Comments

A sex crime is defined as a crime involving sexual assault or having a sexual motive. This includes charges such as sexual assault, molestation, lewd or lascivious conduct, indecent exposure, rape, statutory rape, prostitution facilitating prostitution, as well as possession or distribution of illicit pornography.

Being accused and convicted of a sex crime can carry stiff penalties and long lasting consequences. The damage to your reputation, stress it places on friends and loved ones and potential time spent incarcerated can alter the course of your life for decades to come.

In our culture today there is the unfortunate connotation of guild assigned to a defendant, who is supposed to be presumed innocent, until proven otherwise. Here at Pawelek Law our attorney Dennis Pawelek will strive to protect your reputation and prevent their case from going to a court trial.

Should the case go to trial and result in a conviction, Dennis Pawelek will fight throughout the sentencing process to have any felony charges reduce. This might include reducing the charges to a misdemeanor. This can have a significant improvement in future registration requirements and damage to your long term reputation.

If you’ve been accused of a sex crime, you need to mount a strong defense to protect your rights and reputation. You should call Pawelek Law at 801-722-8918 to set up a consultation.