Children and teenagers who have been accused of a criminal or state offense can receive aid from Dennis Pawelek, who practices juvenile law. Our criminal defense lawyer truly cares about his cases and will put forth a vigorous effort when defending a juvenile’s rights. Visit our law firm, Pawelek Law, PLLC, if you need help with juvenile law in Provo, Utah.


Juvenile law is for individuals who are not old enough to be responsible for their crime, usually those under the age of 18. The juvenile can be accused of either a criminal act or a state offense. Some common forms of state offense include truancy, running away, disobedience of reasonable parental controls, or the purchase of tobacco, alcohol, or pornography. Other areas juvenile law can cover include underage drinking and smoking, teen pregnancy, abortion laws, marital consent, sexual abuse, and the emancipation of a minor. Delinquency cases may result in driver license privileges being revoked, detention, or fines. In juvenile delinquency cases, a seasoned attorney is needed to investigate whether police followed proper constitutional procedures.

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Child Welfare

Mr. Dennis Pawelek is also experienced in assisting in child welfare cases. In these cases, the State of Utah and DCFS (Division of Child and Family Services) are involved with parents and their children. Child welfare cases can result in children being removed from the home or in-house supervision type cases. For this type of case, you need an attorney who understands the reunification process and can advise parents involved with DCFS for the best possible outcome. If DCFS is involved with your family, many aspects will need to be properly handled procedurally, and the process can become complex; Dennis Pawelek has the experience and knowledge to protect your family.

Dennis has represented me for the past 3 years off and on. 1st as a public defender then I’ve retained him as he has opened his own firm! He is absolutely amazing and will do anything to help you! He has done amazing for me every time and wouldn’t be where I am without him!! I wouldn’t ever trust anyone else! I would recommend him to anyone!

– Shawna

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Our criminal defense lawyer in Provo, Utah, has had family go through the criminal justice system, so he understands how difficult and confusing it can be for those unfamiliar with it. Mr. Dennis Pawelek will work with juveniles through the legal process, helping them to understand the court system and defending them through it. Because of their young age, juveniles are usually sentenced to rehabilitation rather than a penalty an adult might receive.