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Several Factors Go into Determining Your Sentence

By July 28, 2016 No Comments

Making bail is a common thing among sentencing, and often a matter of paying a Breaking Bad Bonds Bail Agent 10% of the determined bail amount, plus collateral assignment equaling the remaining 90%. However, there are several factors that a judge takes into account when determining the bail amount.

The charge itself and the severity is the first major factor involved. In general, violent crimes or crimes involving multiple victims, tend to be assessed a higher bail amount. At the same time, a felony charge will almost always end up carrying a high bail than a misdemeanor.

Your past criminal record is also a serious factor. If this is not the first time you’ve been convicted of a crime of this nature, you will likely receive a higher bail amount than the previous charge. This could also include past instances where you might have failed to appear at a mandatory court hearing.

Your available personal situation and support network are also important factors. Being currently employed will certainly help, especially for charges where you would not be incarcerated if found guilty. Having close friends and family members living in the area also improves your chances of a lower bail amount. Defendants with a social support system are a lower flight risk.

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