The History of Lawyers

By June 17, 2016 No Comments

Lawyers work incredibly hard to get to where they’re at. From law school to paying of large sums of student debt, the road to practicing law isn’t easy. While it’s easy to make jokes about lawyers, they do a lot of good for people in need – and they’ve been doing so for a quite a while.

In fact, lawyers have been around since at least the 18th century BC. Hammurabi is recognized as the father of law, when he erected his code in the courtyards of temples during his reign as ruler of the Babylonian empire.

However, the ancient Greeks in Athens were the first group of people who existed in a class that would, in today’s world, be considered lawyer-like. That gradually evolved into honest-to-goodness lawyers in the Roman Empire, during the reign of Claudius in the first century AD. By the late fourth century, the profession of lawyer had finally taken shape and schools were dedicated to the study and practice of law. Most notably, it was around this time that regulations and standards were put in place in regards to practicing law.

The Middle Ages saw another big jump forward for lawyers, as the Magna Carta granted power to citizens instead of monarchs. Once the Protestant Reformation rolled around and states drifted away from Church governance, there was an even greater need for lawyers.

Finally, after the French and American revolutions, the standard ruling class of monarchs was broken all across the world, and lawyers have progressed since then to their current status as aides in times of legal crisis.

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