If You’ve Suffered Complications from a Defective Medical Device, You Need a Personal Injury Attorney to Ensure Fair Compensation

By October 20, 2016 No Comments

Medical devices like transvaginal mesh, or joint replacement hardware are intended to address a physical medical issue, to improve your quality of life. Unfortunately, there are situations where complications arise. In many of these cases, the problem has nothing to do with the performance of the surgeon or any other medical staff involved in the procedure.

Sometimes medical device manufacturers are to blame. With the constant pressure to develop and release a new medical product, they sometimes rush through critical testing steps. Simply meeting the minimum standards set forth by regulatory entities, opens you up to potential complications months or even years later.

When this happens, you need a lawyer like Dennis Pawelek to protect your rights and hold the manufacturer of the defective medical device accountable. He will research the pertinent information needed to attain a fair and timely settlement. This might also include finding other people that have suffered similar complications to develop a stronger claim.

Here at Pawelek Law, PLLC we understand that fair compensation goes beyond simply fixing the problem or replacing the defective medical device. Loss of wages, personal suffering and potential long-term care needs are all relevant issues. We will apply these factors into the settlement we seek for you, to make sure that you have the funds you need to live the quality of life you deserve.

If you’ve suffered complications from a defective medical device, and you live in the Provo, Utah area, you should call Pawelek Law, PLLC at 801-722-8918 for a consultation.