Being Charged with Assault or Battery

By March 23, 2016 No Comments

If you have been charged with assault or battery, you need to find an experienced lawyer capable of handling your defense and helping you to understand some of the fine points offered by the law. In some cases, assault or battery can be tried as a criminal or a civil suit. The implications and some of the statutes involved in these two different types of cases can greatly affect the final outcome.

There is also a subtle difference between assault and battery. Battery is defined as non-consensual, physical contact with another person, such as being punched or otherwise injured. Assault is an attempt at performing battery. This might actually include threats of violence, while the victim still remained unharmed. As a general rule of thumb battery tends to be tried in criminal court, while assault can be tried civilly or criminally, depending on the nature of the threat or the attempt to cause harm.

In many cases an assault or battery charge will also come with a restraining order filed against you. Even the slightest violation of the restraining order can later bear weight on your case. So it’s important to understand the necessary measures called for to honor the order and maintain your not-guilty plea.

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