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Being charged with a crime and can have long lasting effects on your freedom, future employment opportunities, and reputation. Even after the investigation, potential trial, and other legal considerations, your criminal record will still be available to the public.

One way to address a serious problem like this is to contact an experienced attorney like Dennis Pawelek to see if you can have your record expunged. Mr. Dennis Pawelek and the associates at Pawelek Law, PLLC can help you understand your options and the legal requirements for expungement.

It’s worth noting that the Utah Expungement Act does not clear your record. It merely seals your record from direct public access. This is only available for certain charges if all of the criteria have been met.

If you were charged with a crime more than 30 days ago and not convicted, the records can be expunged if you meet the following criteria:

You have no other criminal cases pending and no charges were filed, or the charges were filed but the case was dismissed with prejudice. This could also apply if the charges were filed but you were acquitted at trial, or the statute of limitations has expired.

If you are in need of criminal defense in Provo, Utah, and you are interested in having your record expunged, you should call 801-722-8918 to set up a consultation with Dennis Pawelek and the associates at Pawelek Law, PLLC.