Dennis Pawelek has had family go through the criminal justice system, so he is very sympathetic to clients and will make a vigorous effort to defend their rights. As you can see below, clients of Pawelek Law, PLLC have benefitted from working with our skilled lawyer, who has the experience to handle criminal defense cases successfully. Call our law firm in Provo, Utah, if you would like to leave a review or if you want to meet our criminal defense lawyer.

I feel that Dennis is an awesome Lawyer. We live in Indiana and my son is a professional Truck driver and needed the help from Dennis. At any time I would call from 7:00am their time and even on weekends and he was always available and if not he would call me back with in a timely fashion. He went above and beyond to help correct and keep things in order. If I ever need help in Utah or know some one that needs help I will market him . HE IS THE BEST UTAH HAS !!!!
– Tereasa

I have just retained Dennis as my lawyer for the second time. The first time I chose Dennis I was in some pretty heavy heat with the law and I was facing a felony. I scheduled his free consultation “just to get an idea of what I was facing” after the consultation 2 things became very clear!. 1. I needed legal representation because of the charges and 2. I needed a really good lawyer. He gave me a fair price and after when I left the consultation I believed Dennis when he said “I need not worry because he was the best decision that I made” … Well true to his word Dennis beat the case and now he’s got a client for life.
– Todd

Dennis has represented me for the past 3 years off and on. 1st as a public defender then I’ve retained him as he has opened his own firm! He is absolutely amazing and will do anything to help you! He has done amazing for me every time and wouldn’t be where I am without him!! I wouldn’t ever trust anyone else! I would recommend him to anyone!
– Shawna

I could not have asked for a better lawyer or a better outcome. I was in kind of a messy situation and was completely overwhelmed with stress. I couldn’t sleep, my anxiety got worse, and I was extremely nervous. Dennis helped me out in ways I didn’t even know possible! Anyone looking for a great lawyer would be crazy not to call him. He is fantastic.
– Haylie

Pawelek is a real guy. He will get personal with you and he knows the ins and outs to his biz. If you need help I highly recommend! It’s a fraction of the cost vs the competition!
– Rolf

Best attorney ever. Dennis helped me out SO much. He continues to fight for me. Id recommend him to ANYONE that needs legal help. Thank you Dennis
– Shay

Dennis was my lawyer for many years. he kept it real with me and got me a great deal everytime. highly recomend this guy!
– Preston