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Being charged with arson in the state of Utah can be a very serious yet complicated legal case. The line between malicious arson and reckless burning can be a somewhat gray area. Something as simple as lighting a celebratory firework that causes a more serious fire could be charged as reckless burning.

If a structure is damaged, a person is injured, or a significant insurance claim can be levied on the property, the charges could become more serious. The way the incident is investigated by the police and any applicable insurance agency could leave you in a difficult situation. This could be clouded further if the firework that caused the problem was not in compliance with Utah’s fireworks laws.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, you need to turn to the legal representation of Dennis Pawelek and the experienced associates at Pawelek Law, PLLC. We will collect evidence and investigate the applicable details. This might also include securing testimony from any eye witnesses.

This information can then be used for your defense or to decrease the gravity of the charge. If possible, Dennis Pawelek might be able to negotiate a plea bargain or a settlement with any offended party in the incident.

If you’ve been charged with arson or reckless burning, you should call 801-722-8918 to set up a consultation with Dennis Pawelek for criminal defense in Provo, UT.