Individuals who have been accused of a fraud or scam in a business or government setting should see our criminal defense attorney to represent them in court for a white collar crime. Dennis Pawelek will be with clients in the investigative process and court proceedings in order to help them receive the most favorable results of the trial. Call Pawelek Law, PLLC if you need to have defense for a white collar crime in Provo, Utah.

Corporate officers, executives, and employees are usually the ones accused of white collar crimes because these crimes often happen in a business or government setting. White collar crimes are financially-motivated, non-violent crimes that usually involve lying, cheating, or stealing. Some of them include:

• Theft
• Fraud
• Bribery
• Counterfeiting
• Embezzlement
• Extortion
• Forgery
• State security violations

Clients can lose their reputation and even their freedom as a result of these crimes because the penalties include fines, restitution, loss of personal property, or a long prison sentence. Our lawyer will stay with you during the investigation process and prevent you from making incriminating statements that can be used against you in a courtroom. Call our law firm today if you need to receive criminal defense in Provo, Utah, against white collar crimes.