Those who have been arrested for drug manufacture, possession, or distribution should seek Dennis Pawelek for drug crime defense. As a criminal defense lawyer, he will use intensive plea bargaining and other techniques to protect your rights and reduce or dismiss charges. Contact Pawelek Law, PLLC if you need defense for drug crimes in Provo, Utah.

Drug crimes are considered to be very serious, so the individuals accused often receive harsh penalties. In fact, laws have changed recently as to the severity of the offense and how they can be charged, and drug charges can be enhanced to more serious charges with multiple convictions. Drug convictions can affect driver license privileges, and you need a seasoned attorney to investigate whether police followed proper constitutional procedures.

Clients will want an experienced lawyer to fight for the most favorable outcome if they have been arrested for:

• Drug manufacturing, possession, sales, or trafficking
• Distribution of illicit drugs
• Forging drug prescriptions
• Illegal distribution, possession, or sale of prescription drugs
• Cultivation of Marijuana
• Manufacturing of Methamphetamine
• Possession of illegal drug ingredients or equipment

The severity of the sentence will depend on the defendant’s criminal record, the type of drugs involved, level of danger to others, whether children were present, drug quantity, and whether the drugs were for personal use or for sale. Drug crimes can be charged as felonies or misdemeanors, and our attorney will work to reduce or dismiss his client’s charges through plea bargaining and alternative sentence negotiation. Call our law firm today if you have been accused of drug crimes and need to receive criminal defense in Provo, Utah.