If you have been convicted of a crime, then our criminal defense attorney may be able to assist you with appeals and writs. Dennis Pawelek provides appeals and writs to help clients receive their legal rights if they believe mistakes were made during prosecution. Contact Pawelek Law, PLLC if you think that you need appeals and writs in Provo, Utah.

Appeals and writs are used if a person was convicted of a crime, but they believe that an error was made during the prosecution process. Appeals are specifically a petition to a higher court for a new trial if the losing party believes that an error was made in the lower court during the original trial. Some examples of these errors include the judge making a material mistake or the original lawyer acting in a way that impaired the effectiveness of their defense. If an appeal is accepted, then we will review your case, witness testimonies, and trial transcripts for the new trial.

Writs are similar to appeals, but they specifically deal with items like an improper action on the part of the court, issues that were not on record, or a denial of constitutional rights. Writs are a mandate from a higher court to induce changes in a lower court. They help to prevent errors from occurring in this court in order to ensure that the accused receives their legal rights. Call our criminal defense lawyer in Provo, Utah, if you have questions about appeals and writs.