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Criminal charges involving assault, drug crimes, DUI, sex crimes, and theft, as well as violent and white collar crimes can all come in varying degrees. With some lesser charges, a judge may release the accused on their own recognizance.

More severe charges require the accused to post bail before they can secure their release from jail. This is especially true if you have been charged with a felony or you are being held in connection with an impending investigation.

In a situation like this, you should turn to Dennis Pawelek and the associates at Pawelek Law to help expedite the process and ensure that you don’t make any missteps in the process. Dennis Pawelek can help advise you on any statements you should make to the authorities and help with the arraignment process.

If the prosecuting attorney does file charges, Dennis Pawelek might be able to negotiate a reduced bail amount, limit your chances of self-incrimination, or help expedite the bail process. Once you have secured your release he can help you to mount the vigorous defense necessary to ensure your rights.

If you live in the Wasatch Front and you are being held or accused of a crime, you should call 801-722-8918 to set up a consultation with Dennis Pawelek and the associates at Pawelek Law.